How do I choose wedding photoshoot locations

During interviews, I inform all my clients that staging and image subject are customized.
Your appearance, language behavior, origin and even manner of walking are taken into account when choosing storyline, scenery, outfit ideas, decorations and photoshoot locations.
For any kind of photo shoot, whether it be wedding shoot, family photography, pregnancy shoot, children or studio photography, as well as for Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah photography me and my team (there is always, at least, one assistant present) select shooting locations and storyline that are in the best harmony with look and temper of our clients having ordered a photo shoot.
Since we take photographs all over Israel (and, on frequent occasions, beyond it, in Russia, Ukraine, and Europe), after years of our work we have discovered many fascinating locations with picturesque landscape and unique architecture for taking professional photographs after years of our work.
We invite you to take a look at our works on our website. You will be able to assure yourself of the author’s creativity that is visible in every photo shoot and every photography.
In order to instantiate this article, I have chosen a recent shoot of a pre-wedding walk (Love Story) taken around Haifa city. This place is familiar to me long beforehand, and when I saw the young couple that has ordered photoshoot, I recalled by association a remarkable architectural landmark which would harmonize perfectly with their ancient Roman appearance.
We suggested to this couple to get themselves appropriate outfits made and place their confidence in us.

Jews wedding professional photography

Your comments will be appreciated.
I would particularly like to thank the wonderful young couple for their response as well as Tatiana Slutskaya for styling and Tamara Oren for make-up to this photoshoot.

Sincerely yours,
Lev Slutsky,
Wedding Photographer.

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