Is black and white photography always has an art appeal?

Countless clichés wrote about black and white photography. In my opinion, ridiculously to observe that making black and white portraits automatically give the picture mystery, exclusiveness and refinement expressions the photographer hoped to capture. In case the photographer failed to express these impressions in an ordinary scene, it is better to pass to edit the next shot that because the black and white scale will only sharpen the lack of those.

DSC_8040-Edit copy

The contrast between black and white will help to highlight contrasts, emotions and will sharpen artistic effect if these existed at the moment the shot was taken.

I’m an avid fan of black and white photography. Often publish pictures on my website and my Facebook page as in the case of this children’s photo session. But I consider to be successful, those photos which could lead to the sharpening and authentic tone embossed documentation. This image shown above, that was taken on the beach of Tel-Aviv city shiny August day, I believe, well confirms my point of view.

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