People are objects of my photographs for the most part.
Facial expression, body movements and postures amaze and occupy my imagination.
Who I Am

I’m Lev Slutsky, the professional Israeli photographer.

Specialising in Wedding Photography, Portrait, Event, Pregnancy, Kids, Infant Bar & Bat Mitzvah Photography.

As well, I provide Advertising and Photojournalist photoshoots.

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I am a wedding photographer and owner of ‘Studio Lev’ photography studio in Ashdod city, Israel.
On pages of this web-site as well as on my Facebook page I bring to your notice the whole thematic and genre range of my photographs. Working in different photographic genres I offer photographer services.
Professional approach, proper lighting, and modern equipment contribute to creating characters in which our clients would like to manifest themselves. We make portrait photography, family photo sessions and pregnancy shoots in our ‘Studio Lev’ photography studio. It is equipped with everything whatever is required to create high-quality, realistic and ornamentally rich pictures. We also carry out photoshoots on location anywhere and anytime at customer’s request. With my team we shoot any compositions and objects against beautiful and memorable backgrounds, thus making out of ordinary things a genuine work of art.
And now let me briefly introduce myself.
I have started taking photographs since 1992, from the very day, when I received a Canon camera as a present for Bar-Mitzvah. Thirteen’s birthday (Bar-Mitzvah) is the day when a Jewish child is considered to become a grown-up person. For me, this day was two-fold significant. I discovered the art of photography and realized that my further life would be connected with photographic work. This camera had its predecessor, another camera that belonged to my father. I had such a great passion for it that I motivated my parents to present me an expensive camera on the occasion of my special anniversary.
Thenceforth and up to the present day I try to image capture every fascinating moment attracting my attention.
People are objects of my photographs for the most part. Facial expression, body movements, and postures mystify and occupy my imagination. When I look through my family albums, travel and event photography, I become aware of the fact that in most cases I capture facial expressions and my surroundings.
Alongside with people, I am as well enthusiastic about shooting nature which is my source of inspiration. It is undoubtedly the best scene and a magnificent background for our photographs. I am also a passionate theatre admirer and devotee. My graduation paper covered and documented episodes from life and study of Israeli Beit Zvi Shool for the Performing Arts students in Ramat Gan city during a semester.
In most of my exhibition works I demonstrate my perception of harmony between a person, his or her character, and surroundings. Photographic prints of Kyiv Maidan events exhibited by me at the International Photography Festival in Rishon LeZion city on the 8th of April this year are one of the illustrative examples. I believe that it is owing to my understanding and perception of harmony between characters and background I manage to achieve maximum vivacity, a vigor of characters and natural, inartificial effects.
I follow the same principle with regard to studio photography. In all my works I try to perceive and render the synthesis between people and their surrounding environment through photographs, should it be children photography, pregnancy shoot or wedding photo album. I consider such synthesis to be the basis for perception of beauty. We can see a visualization of this harmony on great painters’ canvas. Works of Renaissance artists are a perfect illustration of such approach. In all great works of art, human beings, and their surroundings have always been closely intertwined throughout the course of the history of painting, all the way to the Impressionists and the Abstractionists.
My working experience testifies that, as a rule, visitors of my Studio are intuitively interested in this specific combination and it is quite the thing that I have been doing for many years. And as far as I can gather, it is just exactly due to such approach I succeeded in the field I have once chosen.
I will be grateful to everyone who shares his or her impressions of my works with me. You can leave your comments on the website or on my Facebook page.
I will be very pleased to know you.
Best regards, Lev.

צילום ילדים לב סלוצסקי
Children photography

Children’s photos capture the best moments of our lives, and allow our descendants to enjoy their own beauty reflected in their carefree life full of happiness and bliss.

Israeli wedding and event photographer
Wedding photography

Your appearance, language behavior, origin and even manner of walking are taken into account when choosing storyline, scenery, outfit ideas, decorations and photoshoot locations.

בת מצווה לב סלוצקי
Family photography

Each picture has a story. At least 1000 words hidden in this story, we had the pleasure to photograph these moments, just before they were celebrating a Bat Mitzvah.

Professional approach, proper lighting and modern equipment contribute in creating characters in which our clients would like to manifest themselves.
The Studio Lev Team